EV Car Charge

EV Car Charge

One of the biggest problems electric cars face is the availability of car charging points in Sussex. Hence, nowadays, many restaurants offer EV charging points which is undoubtedly a great initiative to help people with electric cars. By charging a few extra bucks, restaurants can easily offer this help to electric car owners. Hence car charger installation in Sussex in restaurants is a common and popular sight nowadays.

Why is car charger installation in restaurants important?

Convenience for Customers

A car charging point in a restaurant means customers can charge their electric vehicles while they dine, making it a convenient option. This can also encourage customers to stay longer and spend more money. They will also be spying on the bills for electricity that they use for the cars. In this way, even the restaurant can earn a few bucks from the customers.

Attracting Eco-Conscious Customers

Many customers are now choosing to purchase electric vehicles for their environmental benefits. By offering car charging points, restaurants can attract these eco-conscious customers and show that they are taking steps to be more sustainable.

Increased Revenue

By offering car charging points, restaurants can attract customers who may have yet to visit. This can lead to an increase in revenue and repeat business from satisfied customers.


Installing a car charging point is a cost-effective way for a restaurant to show its commitment to sustainability. The cost of installing a charging point can be offset by the increased revenue from customers who dine at the restaurant because it offers to charge. With the motivation of charging the car, the customers will sit at the restaurant for a longer period and generate more revenue for the business.


With the number of electric vehicles on the road expected to increase, having a car charging point in a restaurant can help future-proof the business and attract more customers who own electric vehicles.

Overall, car charging points are essential for restaurants to increase the convenience and attraction for the customers, which will help increase revenue, future-proofing, and eco-friendly gestures.

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