EV Car Charge

EV Car Charge

As the world has begun it’s TRANSITIONING over to Electric Vehicles (EVs) it appears apparent it has become a popular alternative to the Petrol/Diesel Vehicle we all know and depended upon. However, with Everything through life the transitioning can be a slightly daunting experience, which is why we the team at EV Car Charge SE Ltd have put together this blog of information with useful tips and links to help you every step of the way through your TRANSITIONING PROCESS.

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the fear that an electric vehicle has insufficient range on a fully-charged battery for motorists to complete their journey but Crucially for long distance journeys, Chargepoint mapping service Zap-Map reports that there are around 39,000 charging connectors at 14,500 locations (March 2021) in the UK, so charging on the move needn’t be an issue thus enabling an electric car to be recharged in the time it takes to enjoy a coffee or a light lunch.

RAC Electric Cars | RAC

Energy Supplier Tariffs

Energy Supplier EV Tariffs can be so confusing, but what we want is for you to be well informed as to who your Energy Supplier is, what tariff you are currently on but most of all what tariff will you offer me” keeping my Charging kwh as low as possible for my new EV. Simply click on the link below we have provided Links to our most common enquiries…useful link time below

Intelligent Octopus | Octopus Energy

Octopus Go | Octopus Energy

Charge Anytime EV add-on | OVO Energy

And if you have no idea on what your best rate could be, due for a renewal anyway we can always rely on Martin Lewis for advice. Useful Link & tip time below

Compare electric vehicle costs – MoneySavingExpert


Choosing the right EV

With such a vast selection of Electric Vehicles on the market right now and with new productions ever being generated thus with the additional tweaks to appeal to our wonderful society it does now provide the question “what EV is right for me?” NO1 reason even I can tell you is they are …Cheaper to run – no tax to pay, no fuel costs, and lower maintenance costs! but that alone would not be a valid decider so here below you’ll find a…useful link that covers everything to help you  “Choose the right EV”.

Electric cars – a definitive guide & buyer’s guide | RAC Drive

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